Cinema Therapy – Movies and more

Georganiseerd door: Cinema Therapy
Datum: woensdag 17 april 2019
Tijd: 18:00 tot 5 jun 2019 21:30 uur
Prijs: € 560 EUR per cursus
Zaal: Filosofenkamer – 36m2 – 14-35 personen
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Cinema therapy is a science-based method to improve individuals’ mindfulness, self-understanding and emotional intelligence. 

During a cinema therapy session, we watch a film together as a group, and afterwards the group members (8-12 people) have the opportunity to explore, share and discuss your experience with the group in a meaningful discussion, moderated by a cinema therapist. This discussion has a twofold focus: you can explore the fictional characters’ complex inner world, and also how your own emotions and experiences resonate with them. Through this dialogue, you can improve the way you connect to others, your empathy, your perspective and your confidence in sharing your emotions with others. Sharing these emotionally-loaded experiences is a great way to get to know ourselves and others at a deeper level. Check out more details about us here:

Next round of session starts: 17 April 2019, 8 weekly sessions, 18:00-21:30

Deadline for signing up: 25th of March 2019 at  or via our website:

Feel free to contact us with any questions!