Volledige naam: Daniele Rabozzi
Email adres: danielerabozzi@gmail.com

I have practiced yoga since 1981. Among the various schools and traditions I have frequented, studied and explored over the years, the that has been most influential is Raja Yoga as taught by the students of Gerard Blitz.

Daniele Rabozzi - photo

My first trip to India in the late 1980s heralded a series of sojourns, experiences and relationships that have made the country my second home.

Out of this came a meeting and friendship with the Indian sage Vimala Thakar, the most important event in my exploration of the world of yoga and in my life. The intensity of Vimala’s teaching and presence helped me gain a new vision of yoga and definitively took my practice beyond the confines of the mat.

I teach at the Centro Studi Yoga Kailash in Verbania where, together with my wife, Anna Cantarelli, I organize courses, seminars, conferences and cultural events.

For a number of years, I have led residential retreats and seminars in Italy and India.

I am a member of YANI (the Italian National Yoga Teachers Association) of which I was a member of the executive committee from 2009 to 2015.

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