The God Formula workshop – two-day retreat with Lars Muhl (Day 2)

Georganiseerd door: Lars Muhl
Datum: zondag 16 augustus 2020
Tijd: 10:00 tot 16:00 uur
Prijs: € 349 per workshop

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Every soul that is born expresses an original state that is both universal and unique at the same time. Call it the DNA or genetics of the soul that contain the purpose and possibilities of that soul in this
incarnation. Unfortunately, this initial condition is exposed to a bombardment of impressions, influences from other people in the newborn’s environment. And slowly, the possibilities of the soul are limited so that a human being can in fact live a full life and achieve external success, without ever getting close to the qualities needed to activate and to take the next big step its path toward redemption for humanity.

It is not a new phenomenon, but something the initiated into the old mystery traditions, such as the Guardians of Light, were aware of. Therefore, at that time, they began experimenting with different
practices that would bring the mystery school student closer to this original state and the qualities that await there. That is also the purpose of spiritual work in today’s world.

Thus, prayer and vocal invocations are a form of downloads and passwords that open up gateways to higher consciousness plans. It is a form of updating and transformation, as Yeshua said: it is necessary to be reborn already in this life, in order to gain access to the inner Kingdom of Heaven.

We will work with practices from the mystery tradition of the Essenes, in which Yeshua and Yohanna the Baptist received their education. These are practices that will open up to the participants’ innate, but all too
often hidden, qualities. During the two days Lars Muhl will create a sacred space, working with the Archangels, practicing Aramaic chanting, vocal practice, sound healing, healing, intuition, joy and silence. Lars
always works intuitively in the holy instant – so no two retreats wil be the same. We invite to show up with an open mind and open heart, so you can receive the passwords to heaven that your soul is asking for.

The retreat is based on Lars Muhl’s book’s ‘The Law of Light’, ‘The Wisdom of a Broken Heart’, and his newest book ‘The God Formula’ that will be officially released in English on 14 September 2020, however all
the attendants of the Amsterdam workshop will get a PDF of the new book after the retreat. The new book, ‘The God Formula’, is carrying the essence of everything Lars Muhl has been studying and practiced since
his youth. The following questions will be addressed: Is God dead or is He on vacation? What or who is God? There is a hidden, everlasting power of healing and light inside every human being. This book tells, in a
very direct and simple manner, how you can activate and unfold this power.


Regular price: 349 Euro. Price for students and senior citizens: 199 Euro.
All prices include coffee, tea and water during the day.
Excluding lunch.

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