“Healing, the Angelic Rose” – Brennan Science Healing Practitioner

Georganiseerd door: Toni-Rose Feliciano
Datum: maandag 6 december 2021
Tijd: 13:00 tot 16:45 uur
Prijs: € 70,- (vanaf) per keer
Zaal: Consultkamer – 12m2
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Brennan Healing Science is an holistic approach which will encourage clients to see their health as an ecosystem, something that is affected by the entirety of its environment. Balance is crucial for the optimal wellbeing of an individual to discover their point of balance within.

Brennan Healing Science is an intuitive hands on healing modality in which the practitioner transfers energy to the client, thereby charging and clearing their energy field. If any more specific techniques are necessary within the scope of the Brennan Healing Science practice, the practitioner will implement them on an individual basis.

1 hr session: 70 euro
1,5 hr session: 95 euro

Email: bleutris5@healing.com

Phone number: +31 6 86 15 95 38 (reachable by WhatsApp)

“The healing journey begins inside, with the self. I am here for you to support that journey”

Toni-Rose Feliciano