Healing, Psychic Reading or Massage therapy

Georganiseerd door: Elisabeth van Rijn
Datum: vrijdag 17 december 2021
Tijd: 08:30 tot 16:45 uur
Prijs: € 49 - 94 per keer
Zaal: Consultkamer – 12m2
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Welcome for a deep healing of your body, mind & spirit.
It’s time to let go of all heaviness that keeps you from living your life in harmony with your innermost self. Restore the energy circulation in your
body, mind & spirit. All of my therapy sessions support your health and increase resilience in body, mind & spirit.

Therapy choice (for NL language: see website www.bomispi.nl):
During each therapy session a true heart soul connection is made

  • Psychic Reading  & Spiritual counselling (from 30 – 90 min)
    deeper insight in your situation. What keeps you from unfolding your true self? Open-up your mind, see & think in solutions again..
  • Psychic Reading/Energy Healing therapy (from 60 min – 90 min)
    focus is to release mental tensions & rebalance your energy. It empowers you to connect dreams & reality.
  • Energy Healing therapy (from 30 – 90 min)
    mindfully balances the energetical field in- & around your body. Strengthens and balances mind & body. Letting go of stress and optimizes breathing patterns.  
  • Massage therapy (from 60 min – 90 min)
    supports you to release stress/traumatic tensions that are stored in your physical body. Increases blood circulation, also effects you energetically & emotionally.

Rates for the Year 2021 * ):
Please note that I always allow a little extra time of 10 minutes for free.

30 min €  49               60  min  €  79

45  min €  64              90 min  €  94

*) Partly reimbursement by several Dutch health insurance companies is possible for massage therapy and healing consults only. Discount of 5 Euro’s for CHILDREN & STUDENTS. For more details check the website: www.bomispi.nl

Complementary Health therapist
Licensed complementary health therapist (massage & movement therapy and energy healing- basic knowledge of TCM and Western Medicine & Psychology) Member of LVNT & RBCZ Dutch complementary health branch organization- And for Dutch law ‘Wkkgz’ also member of SCAG

Spiritual Healer & Medium
For over 40 years of experience as a spiritual medium /psychic reading & spiritual energy healing. See www.bomispi.com

Please feel free to contact me by phone: +31 6 13 73 22 27 or send your email to: bomispi@gmail.com