A Journey Towards Self-Worth At Work

Georganiseerd door: Noah Elkrief
Datum: dinsdag 15 oktober 2019
Tijd: 19:00 tot 21:30 uur
Prijs: € 45 per keer

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How do you feel while you are working? Do you feel confident, secure, relaxed, and in the flow? Or, do you often notice that you feel insecure, low self-worth, not good enough, fear of failing, or pressure to prove to that you are good enough?

For many of us, even though we keep succeeding at our jobs and keep getting great feedback from others, we may still experience the feeling that we are somehow not good enough. We may feel like a fraud, like a failure, or just a subtle sense that we aren’t enough. This can lead us on an endless cycle of: 1) Feeling not good enough. 2) Feeling pressure to succeed again to feel better. 3) Feeling anxiety about potentially failing. 4) Feeling happy and high when we do succeed. But this happy feeling only lasts for hours or days before the cycle begins again, and we have the next “test” of whether we are good enough. This “test” could be the next project, next performance review, or even the next conversation with a colleague or client. Do you recognize this cycle?

In this workshop, I will guide you through various exercises to help you let go of some of the programmed beliefs, deep emotions, and unconscious mechanisms that keep you feeling not good enough at work. I want to support you to be able feel secure and relaxed while working. I want to help you finally live with the experience that you are enough as you are.

The workshop will be interactive, as I will ask you to share your experience before starting the exercises as well as during the exercises in order to support everyone to get as much value as possible. To ensure that everyone gets enough attention, this workshop will be limited to 10 people.

About Noah Elkrief:
Noah ElkriefI worked at Goldman Sachs on Wall Street, I worked as a strategy consultant in London, and I have spent the last 9 years helping people to let go of painful emotions and beliefs. In each of these jobs, I always consciously thought I was really great at what I did, but often had this deep feeling that I wasn’t good enough. Through a lot of exploration, and a lot of help along the way, I was able to let go of so many of the deep beliefs and feelings of low self-worth I once had. And I am really grateful for how much more relaxed and enjoyable my life is now.

I am the author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller “A Guide to The Present Moment”, my Youtube channel has over 200,000 subscribers, and I have been offering 1-on-1 counseling since 2010. I am just now starting to offer group workshops, and it’s exciting.