Mankracht Introduction: “No More Mr Nice Guy”

Georganiseerd door: Hajee Pepping
Datum: dinsdag 10 september 2019
Tijd: 19:00 tot 21:30 uur
Prijs: € 15 per keer

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* Are you the guy that tends to avoid conflict?
* Do you consider yourself a pleaser?
* Would you like to live your life from a more authentic space?
* Do you want to deepen your ability to be present with all there is? 

Sometimes pleasing can get in the way of running your relationship or running your business. Withholding your truth usually gives you a short-term benefit but in the long run it will inevitably bite you in your tail. Fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of “not being ok as I am” are usually the underlying negative believes. The default escape route that men take to avoid their fears is hiding in their pleasing Nice Guy identity on the one hand and the tough “I know it all” Macho on the other hand. Where the Nice Guy usually struggles with acknowledging his masculine qualities and where the Macho usually struggles with embracing his feminine qualities. Both the Nice Guy and the Macho are fear-based identities. 

The support of community and brotherhood is potentially enormous when it comes to shaking off these fear-based identities. It is very supportive being around men whom support you, challenge you and trust you. Vulnerability, speaking the truth and the ability to connect on an emotional level work as catalysts in this process of becoming more authentic and real.

This Mankracht introduction evening will give you a glimpse of the supportive effect of brotherhood and community on your personal development, relationships and your business. It will address the origins and characteristics of the ineffective “Nice Guy” and “Macho” and offer tips and tools to develop a more healthy and assertive attitude towards life.
Also a short overview of the quarterly training of Mankracht (starting end of september at De Roos in Amsterdam) will be provided.

Living a powerful, authentic and open-hearted life is very valuable and inspiring for others. I think the world is very eager to host more authentic and strong men who dare to give their unique gift to the world. It is my strong believe that men need each other to develop a proper masculinity that is suitable for the 21st century. Come and join me! 

Hajee is a certified “No More Mr Nice Guy”-coach, a mens-coach and a presentation-coach. Under the umbrella of his company Mankracht he provides 1-on-1 coaching, workshops and trainings for both individuals and companies in the realm of personal development, communication, menswork and presentation. He is also a father, a son and a partner. He has dedicated his life to bring more authenticity and realness to the world. With his strong presence, empathy and humour he creates a safe space to dive deeper into your needs as a man and explore what is holding you back.

Telefoon: +31643082172



15 euro Single (one person); 20 euro Double (two people)

Full workshop