MBSR Mindfulness training. 8 weeks TUESDAYS: 1 June – 27 July (English Spoken)

Georganiseerd door: Wineke van Aken
Datum: donderdag 22 juli 2021
Tijd: 19:00 tot 21:30 uur
Prijs: € 425 excl btw | incl btw: 514,25 per cursus

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Dates MBSR Mindfulness course, English Spoken:



YEAH! We can start again!

We follow the guidelines of the government and the RIVM. e.g.. we use private (and no public) spaces, we have adequate ventilation, there is no passage, we use facemasks in the corridors and keep 1.5 m distance with one-way traffic.


1 June till 27 July
+ 18 July 

7:00 PM – 9:30 PM

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Or visit www.mettamind.nl


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 MettaMind mindfulnesstrainer Wineke van Aken 

It was about thirty years ago, at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, that Jon Kabat-Zinn took mindfulness out of its Buddhist context and made it more accessible to the western world. Kabat-Zinn developed the 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program MBSR to help people suffering from chronic illnesses find balance and joy despite their difficulties (MBSR stands for ).

He created a technique to deal with stress and to improve quality of life, of which he already in the beginning started to measure the results.

To this day, countless other research studies prove that the practice of mindfulness leads to better relaxation, better stress handling, better concentration, more effective decision making, increased efficiency and improved general health.

Here a short clip in which Jon Kabat-Zinn talks more about MBSR.


English Mindfulness Training Amsterdam

Wineke van Aken, founder of MettaMind, is a VMBN (Organisation of Mindfulness Based trainers in The Netherlands and Belgium) certified Mindfulness trainer. She offers English MBSR mindfulness courses in Amsterdam near the Vondel Park since 2010. In this course, participants learn to practice mindfulness and to apply it daily in order to gain a quiet mind and a happier, more balanced life.

During eight sessions, participants learn the techniques of mindfulness through four different meditations. They exercise slow yoga movements to connect body and mind. They exercise at home with the help of a dedicated workbook. And they reflect their learnings in guided explorations of experiences and insights, which generate a pleasing atmosphere in the group and often lead to friendships.


How does mindfulness training change daily life?

Training participants will learn to:

  • train the mind to be more concentrated, focused and relaxed
  • observe thoughts and emotions as passing events in order to let go of those that are stressful
  • gain insights that help make choices in the workspace and in daily life
  • be more in touch with the body, to listen and act upon vital signals (for example pain or exhaustion)
  • become aware of automatic thought- and reaction patterns
  • respond wisely to the many stimuli from daily life
  • adapt behavior to become more healthy in a way that lasts


  • € 425,- excl VAT for individuals (incl VAT € 514,25)
  • € 950,- excl VAT for companies (incl VAT € 1149,50)


Cost include

  • Eight weekly sessions of 2½ hours
  • Workbook with theory and mindfulness exercises
  • 4 guided meditations
  • One additional 5 hour-day of practice


Dates and time 2018

  • Thursday 14 Jan – 4 March 2021 (8 following Thursdays)
  • Time 7 PM – 9:30 PM
  • One day of practice on Sunday 21 February



More and more insurance companies are willing to cover the cost of mindfulness trainings (mostly between €100,- and €350,-). Wineke van Aken is a VMBN certified Mindfulness trainer (category 1) which fits the insurance requirements. Conditions and prices may vary and can be compared via www.zorgwijzer.nl

Employers, businesses and schools understand the benefits of mindfulness and often  agree to finance the course (for example out of a training or coaching budget). So it is worth mentioning it in the workplace.


Please contact us directly at:


Location English mindfulness Amsterdam – Group training

Centrum De Roos

PC Hooftstraat 183


In the Vondelpark, right at the entrance from the PC Hooftstraat



More than 600 people have practiced mindfulness and went to retreats with MettaMind. Here are some of their testimonials.

This mindfulness course brought me openness and tranquility. I learnt to observe the stream of thoughts and emotions that flow through me during the day. And not to feel submerged by them. Mariette, teacher at the Amsterdam University.

At MettaMind everybody has enough space to learn and to exchange experiences. The overall purpose of what we are doing and why is always clear. Monique D. Advisor City of Amsterdam

Mindfulness taught me to live in the moment, something I forgot to do. Marjon, IT-consultant.

More testimonials about MettaMind.


Not sure? Have a chat or join a workshop

  • If you are interested, why not have an informal talk, by phone or in person. That way, Wineke can help you decide if mindfulness is something for you and if you like the approach of Mettamind.
  • MettaMind also offers introductory workshops. These are usually a combination of inspiration, education and mindfulness exercises. They last from 30 minutes to two hours. Time depends on purpose and available time. Price on request.
  • If you want to practice mindfulness but you need the sun and a beach, we got it! MettaMind organizes Yoga and Mindfulness retreats in BaliIbiza and Italy. Read more about our complete yoga and mindfulness retreat offer.
    After ten years and 35 retreats we are now reviewing our retreat programm. Also because of the changes in the world (corona, climate change). Send us an email if you want to keep updated.


+31 (0)6 215 114 10



A Dutch RTL4 lifestyle-program came to visit MettaMind. Below the clip (in Dutch):

Here more (Dutch) publications about MettaMind and mindfulness teacher Wineke van Aken.



The first time Wineke taught Yoga it was in a dark basement, near the server room at the company where she worked. She did it during her lunch break as a favour to colleagues.

She was a senior consultant at a busy communications agency part Publicis, one of the biggest groups in the world. For 17 years she had been a marketing specialist working for companies such as Rabobank, Sanoma, Phillips and local governments.

To compensate her hectic work schedule she practiced yoga and meditation at a local club. She became more and more skilled and was invited to follow a teacher training in order to help others practice with her.

She then convinced her employer to dedicate a room to yoga at work. She was given a budget to buy mats and pillows and invited her colleagues to attend her classes for free during the work day.

Via one of those colleagues, she was asked to organize a yoga retreat in Bali which made her fall in love with the concept of retreats in beautiful places.

Outside of work, she opened a few private groups. Via word of mouth those groups became bigger and bigger. So Wineke continued training herself and gained enough confidence to give up her career and set up MettaMind.

The mission of MettaMind was originaly to make yoga and mindfulness accessible as a tool to gain a quiet mind and a balanced life so we can live healthy, content and without stress. MettaMind does this by offering retreats in Bali, in Ibiza and Italy as well as Dutch / English mindfulness coaching and Dutch / English Mindfulness training in Amsterdam.

When Wineke’s life partner Dean Liauw became a chef specialized in ayurvedic recipes, she integrated this healthy eating into MettaMind by offering these as standard meals during the yoga retreats.

Today she grows her own vegetables and is currently writing a book commissioned by Uitgeverij Lucht wich is founded by Bram Bakker, a well know psychiatrist and publicist, so that her vision on how to attain a balanced and happy life can be shared largely.

Her pupils have described her as a teacher who is kind, relaxed, friendly and with a good sense of humor.

Wineke regularly attends courses, intervision and silent meditation retreats (Vipassana). This she does for her own pleasure and to maintain a high quality in her trainings and her personal embodiment of mindfulness.


Please contact us directly at: