Tijdstip: 16-12-2022
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Your new assignment, job, house, relationship, career switch, holiday [or insert here…] was fun for a while, but it didn’t bring what you had initially hoped. Do you recognize this? You are not alone: whereas most people in the Western world are wealthier compared to their ancestors, they also feel more unrest and dissatisfaction. The problem: most of us constantly look at what others are doing, as we lack a better benchmark to base our lives on. In fact, we often don’t have the faintest idea how to orientate ourselves on our life path!

The ancient Greeks called it telos, the potential that every person carries within and can flourish under the right circumstances. The Hindus call it dharma: the path your soul travels during your time here on earth. In our time we call it purpose – the direction that gives meaning to your working and non-working life.

During the workshop “FINDING PURPOSE” participants learn, using the philosophical compass, how to orientate themselves in major life questions. During the day, participants will discover their archè, giving them the unique opportunity to find out what is central in their lives. Additionally, everyone formulates their own unique purpose and you are given the tools to continue working with it after the workshop.

FINDING PURPOSE is an unique day program that combines insights from mindfulness, philosophy and psychotherapy:

  • Start of the program with dynamic yoga practice
  • We discuss why it is so hard ánd important to live from purpose
  • Find out your Archè (that what is central to you) through meditative and contemplative exercises
  • Close reading of a stimulating source text on this topic from antiquity
  • You learn how to use the philosophical compass practically in your own life
  • Surprising perspectives about the World and the Self from Eastern and Western philosophy
  • You formulate your purpose based on the insights that you have gained during the day
  • Attention and careful supervision in a small-scale safe setting (maximum 8 participants)

Jan de Geus

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