Meditation and the Memoir: A Writing Workshop

Tijdstip: 29-06-2024 van 14:00 tot 17:00
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A Writing Workshop

Writing is a personally liberating and enlightening activity, especially when we write about ourselves. Personal power, freedom, and contentment (the twin of happiness) come when we express our feelings, observations, and experiences.

Writing a memoir is an act of self-preservation, self-reflection, and personal growth. It’s healing and transformative because it to self-realization. It helps us make sense of the past and makes us profoundly self-aware. The deeper we go into our own histories, the more transformative the experience of writing a memoir. We build solid bridges to a future we want for ourselves.

In a memoir, we intertwine details from our personal life with the art of storytelling to produce powerful stories that heal—ourselves and others.

Meditation is an excellent companion on a journey into the past. It helps us control our thoughts and emotions as we reflect on our experiences. It calms and sooths us and expands our ability to be lovingly compassionate and accepting of ourself. Compassion for one’s self is essential for a well-lived, happy life.

Meditating increases your understanding of yourself and how you came to be who you are. It also lets you tap into your creative imagination and focus so you can turn away from the excess inner chatter and center on what is important.

This workshop, designed as an introduction to memoir writing, embraces meditation as an important partner to writing as we study the written storytelling craft and memoir writing technique. We learn to frame real life to write captivating stories that illuminate the universal truths in the human experience. We blend factual accuracy with fictional storytelling elements such as character presentation, dialog, scene setting, and plot design to make our stories compelling.

We discuss the types of themes, life events, developmental periods, etcetera, most conducive to writing powerful memoirs that others will want to read.

Designing the container for your memoir is also part of the workshop’s content, as well as deciding what to reveal.

This workshop is right for individuals who want to begin writing a memoir, and also for those who may have already started a memoir and would like support, or further instruction, and a writing community.

This in-person workshop is limited to five participants.

Workshop instruction is in English.

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Trainer information

Name: Paulette Boudreaux

I’m Paulette Boudreaux, a published author with many years experience as a meditator, writing professor, and meditation facilitator.

At a very young age I came to understand that using words well is empowering—especially written words because their power is lasting. My understanding of the profound and magical power of meditation came later in life.

I spent far too many years being batted around on the wings of my emotions and fears. When in my forties I discovered and committed myself to a daily meditation practice, my emotions became my friends and teachers instead of my adversaries.

Meditation is a key to unlock the joy that lives in each of us. It gives our true selves back to us.

we are all the sum total of the gifts we were born with and the experiences we have collected during our years on the planet. Meditation helps us to peel back the layers that have been folded over our true selves by the triumphs and losses on our journey. With  meditation, we learn to face and embrace ourselves. We then get to choose how we express, what we express, and when we express the various wonderous facets of ourselves.

Personal writing allows us to pour out what is inside us, examine what we find, then organize it into something meaningful and useful as we go forward. As a writer I’ve experienced this myself. As a teacher, I’ve watched others go through this process of growth.

Joining Meditation and Writing creates a powerful force for personal growth. I look forward to helping others on their journey.


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