Nabrita Summer Retreat 2024

Tijdstip: 30-06-2024 van 10:00 tot 17:00
Prijs: € 199,00 per persoon
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Engelstalig: Ja
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Activate your Divine Feminine & Masculine Energy for Balance, Joy and Flow

Dear Soul,

we invite you to tune into the answers within and to come back to your true nature.

This retreat will help you balance your divine feminine and masculine energy and empower you to tap into your own wisdom. To enjoy your own qualities, talents and gifts when bringing your vision and dreams to life. 

You have amazing and unique powers inside of you. Freeing yourself from old patterns, beliefs, thoughts and karma you can start to really listen to your intuition and create balance between your inner and outer world.

This is the only retreat we will offer this year. It is a unique opportunity to enjoy the guidance and healing we offer as a duo. Together with our guides we will guide you back home and manifest your harmonic future, filled with joy and ease. 

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Are you ready to discover a new found balance?

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We can’t wait to connect and spend a nourishing day with you.

Love & Light,
Britta and Nathasja

Extra information

Duoticket voor 338 Euro voor 2 personen*

* Prijs is inclusief BTW behalve als er een zakelijke factuur gewenst is.

Early Bird bonus:
Access to our Shamanic year-course ‘Healing with Nature’ (value 180 Euro)