Tijdstip: 16-07-2024 van 19:00 tot 21:15
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In this talk, Andre Vas draws on the ancient wisdom of Vedanta to offer some practical life advice. Using straightforward examples we can all relate to, he explains the Vedantic view that everything in the universe is interconnected through laws and forces.

Andre points out that just as the cells in our body need to work together, we are part of an intricate web of relationships and roles that we must harmonize with – be it our families, jobs, communities or planet. He encourages us to stop mindlessly consuming and to start contributing more to the world around us.

A key idea is using the principles of Vedanta for intelligent problem-solving in our daily lives, instead of just venting dissatisfaction or feeling isolated. Andre shows how adopting an attitude of gratitude and feeling connected to the wider whole can be empowering. He prescribes focusing on areas where you do have some control, rather then complaining over those which you have no control at all.

Andre grounds these ideas in the real world, drawing from contemporary psychology and Biology. He maps out a step-by-step growth from our current states to ultimately realizing the unity of all existence. Key Bhagavad Gita verses on dharma (ethics) and karma (cause-effect) are sprinkled throughout to illustrate the core Vedantic concepts.


Andre Vas delves into the essence of Vedanta as a means to intelligently navigating life’s complexities. Drawing from the profound allegory of the two birds from Mundaka Upanishad, he illustrates our potential for growth from consumers to contributors, from isolated beings to interconnected selves. This session intends to be an insightful exploration of how Vedantic teachings can aid in our daily decision-making, enhance our sense of connectedness, and lead us to a deeper understanding of who we are in the grand scheme of existence.

Resuming the talk discusses:

> The vision of oneness and interconnectedness in Vedanta
> Understanding the laws of the universe and aligning our lives with them
> Shifting from being a consumer to a contributor
> Intelligent problem solving and navigating life’s challenges using Vedanta
> Moving from dissatisfaction and isolation to gratitude and connection
> Gaining a new paradigm and vision of life through Vedanta
> The personal growth required before understanding the ultimate non-dual reality