Tijdstip: 03-06-2023 van 09:30 tot 16:00
Prijs: € 310,00 per cursus
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In our workshops we invite you to walk towards the edge, to take a step into the unknown, to unfold your wings – and arrive in the World of Aswers. Through practices, prayer, silence, blessings, song and dance, we move together into the space of the Open Heart, remove the veils of resistence and armour of pain and protection from inside-out and experience and anchor the presence of our own inner guidance.

In times of trouble we naturally look for solutions to our problems. When we end up with the same old answers, we don’t realize what the real problem is: we are searching for solutions in the wrong places.
Most of the choices we make seem to be comfort-oriented in a materialistic sense of the word. We want to be sure of the outcome, we want to be in control. In that way we stay too limited to break any bounderies.

To most people the human intellect is the highest form of awarness we can reach. The intellect represents the world of questions, and the answers it is able to find belong to the world of questions.
When we understand that there is so much more to be gained if we are leaving the intellect aside in order to get long lasting answers of wisdom, we ask ourselves: how can we do this in our everyday lives?

The World of Answers, which is our higher consciousness or our intuition, can be reached by consciously stepping into a vibrational space of knowing and trusting, leaving all fear and doubt behind. It is to follow the path of the ancient mystery traditions: to respond to our very own Inner Guide, which is calling us to the edge – asking us to take that liberating step out into the void and learn to fly. A metaphor for how it feels to leave the limited security of the intellect and transform our perception of reality.
As it is written in the New Testamenent, ”For those who have faith, everything is possible!” Faith here is not blind faith but is referring to that inner knowing which we always carry with us, that wisdom of the Open Heart, which surpasses the intellect, and is the very portal that leads to the World of Answers.

Only in the World of Answers will we find real and lasting solutions to any problem. A new experience of yourself and a whole new life awaits you through the connection to your intuition of the highest consciousness.

In order to be able to hear the calling from within one needs to be silent, stepping into the sacred space of stillness. Then call in the 4 questions of Light: Who or what am I? What am I doing here? Where did I come from and where am I going?
Once we are willing to listen to the arriving answers, they will merge into one guiding stream of Light, that will carry us through our lives.

We all came from the stars. We are already Enlightened. We are creators and transformers. But before we can consciously create and transform anything in this world, we need to recreate and transform ourselves. To become what we already are, or become what we promised ourselves to be.

Did we really believe in that dream in which our version of comfort means to have more of everything, without knowing why or what we would acctually need it for? What is the good, carefree life anyway? Just think of it: to be care-free. What good can that represent? What are we focusing on, and what are we wishing for?

WE ARE the medicine, the healing and the consciousness that we are searching for in the outside.
We can rise above our worries, leaving sickness, fears, anger, prejudices and limitations behind, and instead connect to our higher Self where everything is possible. It is only a matter of choice. Are we ready to live our true Being in our everyday lifes and do what we came here to achieve?

We welcome you to take part of the White Dove Healing Seminar – it is for everyone!
All it takes is the wish to live Your life with an open Heart.

With love

Naleea Landmann & Lars Muhl

Date: Saturday 03.06. and Sunday 04.06.2023
Time: 09:30-16:00 each day
Preis: 310 Euro
Booking: https://billetto.nl/en/e/workshop-the-white-dove-healing-tickets-824087

Language: Englisch
Venue: De Roos Center, P.C. Hooftstraat 183, 1071 BW Amsterdam
Centrally located in Amsterdam city.
It’s possible to buy organic and vegetarian food in the venue’s cafe.

Contact: naleealandmann@gmail.com


On 02. June Lars Muhl and Naleea Landmann will be hosting an evening of Healing and Inspiration, Meditation, Story Telling, Chanting and Singing in De Roos: „The World of Answers“