Tijdstip: 18-05-2024 van 09:00 tot 17:30
Prijs: €1500 per cursus
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Engelstalig: Ja
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Throughout this intensive weekend we look at areas of your life and business where
you are stuck; and we work together to set you free.

We do this by creating conversations that have you uncover your blind spots.

By recognising the things that you are resisting, which are preventing you from change, frees you up to be your authentic self without fear.

When you fully express your true self, it will positively impact all areas of your life. 

New opportunities will present themselves; you will create fearlessly and your new way of BEING will attract new clients to your business.

The three days will include:

Day One:  Seeing Where You Aren’t Free (2pm -9.30pm)

On day one, we’ll explore areas where you crave more freedom. Many get trapped in the day-to-day ‘doing’ of their business, chasing tasks, ideas, and goals with little success. The belief that right actions yield desired results overlooks the pivotal role of personal growth.

To achieve your goals, you must evolve, challenge, trust, and act.  You must look at who you are BEing, and who you are BEing will determine your desired outcomes.  True impact stems from aligning your actions with your authentic self, transcending external strategies.

Day Two:  Emptying the Box (9am- 5.30pm)

Throughout day two we’ll be working with you to identify and discard burdens that inhibit personal power and freedom.  Just like a cluttered house, you will confront accumulated possessions symbolising beliefs and experiences carried through time and emotional baggage, all of which impedes progress.

The first step involves acknowledging this clutter and its impact. Before transformation can occur, you must declutter mentally and emotionally, letting go of what no longer serves you. This cleansing process enables you to envision and manifest a new, authentic expression of yourself, aligning your environment with your aspirations. 

Day Three:  Creating a New Possibility (9am – 5.30pm)

Day three focuses on envisioning a new possibility, transcending current limitations to imagine something entirely fresh.

After decluttering, you will confront an empty canvas, ripe for creation. You will contemplate what to paint, what items to furnish the house with, and how to express your true selves. Freed from the weight of past baggage, you will explore your deepest desires and aspirations, seeking to align your businesses, lives, and personal expressions with your core values.

This stage prompts introspection into what truly ignites passion and joy, driving participants to manifest creations that resonate with your hearts and souls.