Exploring contact through identities

Tijdstip: 16-03-2024 van 10:00 tot 17:00
Prijs: € 99,00 per keer
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Exploring contact through identities

Event information

During this experiential workshop we will practice making and holding contact through differences, not by bypassing them and pretending they do not exist, or by simplifying them and thus mislabelling each other, but by creating space and support for them to emerge, with awareness, together.

We will experiment with building capacity to co-create conditions so that you can make safe enough choices when approaching these questions:

  • How to connect and understand each other in such a polarised world?

  • How does my environment influence my own identity?

  • What can things I don’t tolerate in others tell about myself?

  • How can we keep being open to contact with each other despite holding seemingly opposing stances?

  • How can we support contact through differences to appear?

This workshop might interest you if you work or live in diverse environments, with people from different parts of the world, different age groups, genders, political orientations. As beautiful and enriching these spaces can be, we acknowledge there can also be some challenges in how to navigate and connect through these differences.

This workshop can benefit if you work in therapy, social work, diversity & inclusion, human resources, managing a team but does not limit at it. If you care about those topics and are interested as an individual – you are very welcome to join.

Name of the trainer(s)
Ieva Baršauskaitė, Yulia Bondar, Mili Marjanovic

The organisers: The workshop will be led by  Yulia, Ieva and Mili who met in Gestalt therapy training in Amsterdam and have published an academic paper and run a couple of workshops (In Madrid and Amsterdam) exploring this theme. Together they combine backgrounds in Business & HR, therapy practice and shared passion towards connecting people & fostering inclusive environments.

For questions e-mail: juliyabondar@gmail.com