Tijdstip: 30-10-2022
Prijs: € 150,00 per keer
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We are happy to invite you to one-day workshop with Tamara Carević, a life coach, therapist, and energy

a healer with over two decades of experience in the field.


Do you feel stuck in your life, whatever you are trying is not working and there is no solution because there is no

logical explanation, you feel exhausted, hopeless, lonely and frightened ,unable to move forward.

Family constellation reveals deeper, subconscious patterns, even when their roots go back several generations,

This approach aims to help participants understand the hidden systemic orders operating in relationship system,

offering powerful resolutions to the conflict that this understanding makes possible.


Family constellation benefits

  •  improved and healthier communication and more fulfilling relationships
  •  developing the strength and wisdom to deal with death and loss in life
  • transforming your relationship with money, finances, and abundance
  • gain clarity on who you are and what you want in life
  • connecting to your inner strength and life force energy, that could be previously blocked
  • clearing the impact of transgenerational trauma that is affecting your life

More information:

telephone : 0614162214

fb : Healing journey with Tamara

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