Holding Space for the Mother/ Birth Trauma Debrief, a journey of reconnection

Tijdstip: 26-06-2023 van 13:00 tot 14:40
Prijs: € 155,00 per persoon
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Hi Amsterdam mamas!

Holding Space for the Mother sessions are designed for moms who have gone through a difficult birth, feeling unsatisfied, traumatized, shocked, confused and even numb.

Mothers who may have been told that something that happened was normal but who, deep down, know that something was truly wrong.

The intention is to create a safe space by slowing down the rhythm of the nervous system. We accomplish this through grounding practices and bodywork specific to the mother’s needs to open space for the emotions that need to be witnessed and move the stagnant energy that is ready to be released.

In my work, I combine different techniques, from massage, to specialized manual techniques for women who have given birth, draining lymphatic massage, Craniosacral, Womb Work with deep compassionate listening skills.

This is a space for the mother to share her story, to be witnessed, validated and fully heard as she becomes aware of what she has experienced.

While in our scared container, the mother will be guided using meditation and visualization to move through the layers of emotions and stagnant energy to get to a place of processing, flow and release.

Every mother deserves to share her story with someone who can hold her in full compassion and be able to reconnect with the those parts frozen in time.

Whether you’ve given birth a few months or years ago, this session is for you.

This is individual session, one person per session.


More information:

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Website: embodiedconnection.nl
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