Tijdstip: 21-12-2023 van 19:00 tot 21:00
Prijs: Donations from €44 per persoon
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At this time, we take the opportunity to celebrate YOU. We take a moment to honour everyone that serves the greater good during the awakening of Humanity.

It is through Divine moments in time such as Christmas where family comes together, communities share meals and joyously celebrate the Light of Love born within all who choose to serve the Light. Celebrating Christmas through ceremony, ritual, and festival assists the planet in bringing Humanity into balanced harmony with the Sun and with the rhythms of nature.

The 12 days of Christmas is the period that marks the span between the birth of the Son (Sun) and coincides with the Sun and three stars of Orion’s belt that point to the Sun in the Southern Cross constellation making way for the light of the world to emerge victorious in the Spring.

This Christmas portal of time offers a synchronistic opportunity to traverse our Inner Sun, to cultivate our brightest Light and to delve into the exploration of our own Divine Wisdom of Truth, our deeper connection with our Divinity. Which provides a beautiful focus of intention for our Krystmas Quantum Energy Circle.

These rhythms align with the perfected song of the Universe and synchronise with the meridians and pathways inside of your body creating new points of contact with which the Light can interface.

To celebrate this together, the Krystmas Quantum Energy Circle will be a co-creation through the collective intent. Personal intentions from each person in the group can vary but they often serve as remedies for others, each carrying a puzzle piece coming together to complete a beautiful whole. Participants receive Karmic Clearing and Balance, Light Body Activations and Chakra Empowerments. Azava & Mikhael Akasha’s celestial healing methods activate Bio-Physical transmutation through the axis point of one’s Spiritual DNA and Bio-Energy Field

Connecting the recipient directly to the purest, most potent, sacred and pristine energy field of consciousness, the Cosmic Kryst and Krystal Star. It goes beyond the healing of the soul and surpasses even the soul levels of experience. This group session also works through all the receivers ancestors, all their soul lines and soul family tree. The multifaceted quantum healing work therefore effects and works on the whole collective group including ancestors where one person equals their entire ancestral genealogy, one person equals the entire expression of their soul tree.

Participants in these group circles continue to share sustained heightened insights, expansion of consciousness, and a greater flow of joy and Love into their lives.

Throughout 2023 we have been facilitating our regular Quantum Energy Circles and we lovingly invite you to join us in this Krystmas Quantum Energy Circle, this time at the enchanting Filosofenkamer of De Roos Vondelpark in Amsterdam.

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Blessings, Love and Divine Grace.

Azava & Mikhael Akasha