Pia Ma’s European 2023 Tour ~ Sacred Fulfillment

Tijdstip: 28-10-2023 van 09:00 tot 12:30
Prijs: €40 - €80 per persoon
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Engelstalig: Ja
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Sacred World Meditations ~ Retreat

Pia Ma’s Sacred World Meditations Retreat brings an opportunity to explore diverse meditation techniques, celebrating their commonality the pathless path home. Together we will draw upon diversity and Pia Ma’s awakened Presence. Her wisdom knowledge experience with over 40 years of sharing meditations the rich fresh aliveness with Ma’s retreats. When we take the time to deeply immerse, taking time out from everyday and rest in the Sacred we once again remember and recognise the fresh fullness that comes forth. Ma’s rich understanding of meditation is clear as she shares tools that support your meditation and pathways to bring the sweet essence of meditation into everyday life. The profound simplicity and inner freedom the tools brings us. Ma guides us through the ease of fresh connectedness with oneself and guides us to bring forth our Sacred Knowing into Be-ing. Together we explore interwoven meditations from different cultures that blend together as always been. These alive meditations enhance our capacity as a pathless pathway to permeate Sacred Living in everyday life. Ma shares innate tools inspiring and invoking ease of Consciously surrendering to oneself. Pia Ma inspires deepening, grounding living your insights, realisations, and bringing forth-surrendering into True Nature. You will have the opportunity to share realisations and ask spiritual life questions. The retreat celebrates the Sacred, resting and playing in the Light of Presence.

This retreat invokes the richness of replenishing and rejuvenating through fresh connectedness. You will come away with fresh tools and diverse meditation techniques to enjoy with benefits that continue to show up post retreat.

The program will have a short 20 minute break.

This event is in English.

What to bring

We suggest comfortable clothing, a shawl, a journal (preferably no lines) to draw – write and a drink bottle.


Please choose from one of the sliding scale options below that best suits your financial position.

The program will have a short 20 minute break, tea or coffee is included in the event price.

€60 ~ Standard for those with sufficient financial funds to attend

€80 ~ Sponsor for those with sufficient financial funds and also wish to support others to attend

€40 ~ Supported for those that would like to attend but are genuinely limited financially