(Re)connection in compassion, Women circle

Tijdstip: 16-04-2024 van 15:00 tot 17:00
Prijs: € 560 EUR 2h/week, 10 weeks per cursus
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(Re)connection in compassion, Women circle

Embark on an exploration journey, initiating the process of self-enquiry.

(Re)connect with your inner-self, heal from past trauma, release limiting beliefs, learn regulation tools and explore the origin of your emotional and physical pain.

What can you expect ?

Join a group of up to 10 women for a 10 weeks program led by a certified Compassionate Inquiry® practitioner.

This program provides a powerful therapeutic space where you can witness each other’s healing through the application of the Compassionate Inquiry approach, offering support, understanding, and insights.

You will also receive short individual Compassionate Inquiry® sessions.

Is it for me?

Reconnection in Compassion is for you if you are more than 18, want to connect with your true self, explore your inner voice, are prepared for a deep experience that may be triggering and bring up unresolved childhood issues, and connect with a supportive community of women.

The circle does not work for you if you are actively engaged in substance addiction, if you experienced suicidal ideations in the last six months, or if you’re a fundamentalist of any persuasion. The experience is about openness, curiosity, and compassion.

Detailed conditions available on the website.

If you are not sure this is for you, do not hesitate to email me at cecile@by-cecile.com, I will answer your questions.

Circle Leader

I am Cécile, French mother of two, living in the Netherlands, a few minutes biking from beautiful Amsterdam.

Being diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases in my early 40s changed my life. For years I had ignored my body and my emotions – physical pain and discomfort, chronic stress and anxiety, treating it as something I needed to control, overcome, master. This diagnostic, or more accurately the ensemble of symptoms it described, was the fire alarm that I needed to reevaluate how I handled life in general – work with my body and my feelings instead of against them.

I used the analytic, organized and resourceful mind that a career in finance gave me to research and study how I could become healthier and happier.

My personal journey led me to professionally learn the tools that helped me so I could offer resources to others ; I first trained as a Transformative Coach, then dived in Gabor Mate’s work and became a certified Compassionate Inquiry practitioner, now studying the field of Somatic psychedelic facilitator.


I interact with people from a place of compassion, trust & playfulness.

I build a safe space in which I can connect with people and, more importantly, in which they can connect with themselves at a deep level. I have always seen people beyond how they present themselves to the world. My deep belief is that we all have power, strength, healing capacities – and I enjoy bringing the light onto it, witnessing people step into their power  session after session. It’s never too late, we are never too broken – there are always so many possibilities.