Taste of Tantra

Tijdstip: 25-06-2023 van 14:00 tot 17:00
Prijs: € 49,00 per keer
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An introduction workshop into the heart of your being

What is Tantra? How is tantra related to sexuality? To yoga? And in which way can this path help me to enrich my life?

‘A taste of tantra’ is a call for the ones who like to know more about this topic.

Tantra is often brought into relationship with sexuality. What a lot of people don’t realize is how tantra is a powerful path to come to wholeness. To re-find a connection with all that is on a deep level.

It is a path that says YES to all aspects of life. And one that helps you to come back to your essence, your innocence, your spark. We are born complete and whole. Yet, due to several reasons we have lost that connection. We started to shield ourselves off. And often, without even realizing it, we are holding on to the stories that created the separation from our true selves.

Tantra is a pathway that offers us to remember whom or what we truly are. To awaken to our highest potential and to fully embody that. It’s a path that invites people to open their hearts, see their own reflection and to fall in love with themselves.

It is an invitation to come back to the knowing that Love is not an energy to chase. Love is not a destination we must be worthy of. Love is our natural state.

What can you expect?

During this workshop you will be guided through an exploration of several Important tantric theme’s.

In which will become clear how tantra:

  • Is a personal exploration that leads towards freedom and awakening
  • Brings more acceptance and surrender to the present moment
  • Will help you to embody your fullest potential

It will be a journey in which we will lovingly unite heart and mind, body and soul, sexuality and spirituality. And in which we will introduce the core pillars of the Tantra School of Love.

The highlight of the workshop will be a ‘heart Puja’. A powerful ritual in which you will tap into universal love. And experience that all I ever wanted – LOVE, JOY, FREEDOM, PEACE, TRUTH – is already inside of me.

For whom?

For everyone who feels the longing to KNOW themselves and LOVE themselves. To find the freedom we year for and the intimacy of connection we desire.

Also this workshop is designed as an easy access point into the Tantra School of Love programs. It will be a beautiful introduction into the core pillars of our platform, and a way to experience what it’s like to be held by a loving community.

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Sunday 25th of June

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