The Flow of Fire: an embodiment workshop of the Grinberg Method

Tijdstip: 23-04-2023 van 13:00 tot 15:00
Prijs: € 50,00 per keer
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Engelstalig: Ja
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This embodiment workshop will unleash your ability to manifest what your heart wishes in reality through enhancing the flow of fire energy. How much of yourself, your wishes, your vision, you dare to express and put into action? Do you manage to tap into the freedom of spontaneity as a full body experience? And how much do you allow yourself to be touched by closeness or intimacy?

The fire quality is the energy that enables you to manifest in reality what your heart wants. In this workshop we will address what limits you from expressing yourself in a natural and meaningful way. We will use specific embodiment exercises of the Grinberg Method ® to remove the blocks that reduce the natural flow of expression from the heart to the hands.

This training will particularly fit you if you are looking for a more natural connection with people, if you use your hands in any creative way (music, arts and crafts, writing, movement…) and if you are a bodyworker.

For more information: Leander Ruivenkamp: +31 6 19642661