Wisdom from Japanese Traditional Therapy: Insights for Practitioners and Caregivers

Tijdstip: 23-04-2024 van 10:30 tot 12:30
Prijs: € 20,00 per persoon
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Insights for Practitioners and Caregivers

Seitai is a traditional Japanese therapy that predates Shiatsu. It has remained relatively unknown, largely because it was kept a closely guarded secret for many years. I hope that you will inherit the essence of Seitai’s techniques and philosophy thorough this class.

In the first session, we plan to explain and practice the most essential aspects of Seitai, including:
1, A breathing technique that involves emitting energy from your palms.
2, Exercises to loosen your spine.
3, Techniques for accurately capturing pressure points.

The class will accommodate up to 8 participants.
If there is high demand, we will teach more advanced techniques in subsequent sessions. If not, there will only be one session.

We look forward to your participation!

Trainer Kensaku Shimamura

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