Wisdom from Traditional Japanese Therapy: Releasing Negative Energy for Burnout Relief

Tijdstip: 09-06-2024 van 10:30 tot 13:30
Prijs: € 20,00 per persoon
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Releasing Negative Energy for Burnout Relief

Seitai is a traditional Japanese therapy that has remained relatively unknown, largely because it was a closely guarded secret for many years. I hope that you will inherit the essence of Seitai’s techniques and philosophy through these sessions.

This event will focus on methods, exercises, and breathing techniques that help release negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, and depression, from ourselves and others. For example:

  1. Advanced Deep Breathing Method to build up your emotional resilience.
  2. Activating a vital spot to release suppressed feelings.
    3. An exercise to lift your rib cage and lift your spirits.

If you would like to participate, please contact us via email or WhatsApp.

※ Please refrain from recording or filming during the class.

※ Please wear comfortable clothing suitable for exercise and bring a towel to place under your face.

About the Trainer:
After 20 years of training and practice in Imoto Seitai in Japan, I moved to the Netherlands in 2018. As a qualified leader, actively promoting Imoto Seitai, collaborating with the branches in Switzerland and France.

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