Over mij

Liesbeth Jusia (1967) holds a master of laws degree, with minors in criminology and forensic psychiatry. She has worked as a company lawyer for many years before she felt she needed to focus much more on personal and spiritual development and helping others in (re)discovering and unfolding their potential.

Liesbeth has been intuitive all her life: a strong intuition, preminitions and the ability to link with discarnate spirits has always been part of her life. All these and other – sometimes amazing – experiences made her study spiritualism and mediumship and eventually led her to the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted (UK), where she attended many courses with various international mediums. She has become a certified and very experienced spiritual adviser and medium. In april 2014 she attained the accreditation of the Spiritualists’ National Union (UK) for demonstrating mediumship.

Besides her work she has worked as a certified aerobics instructor in the House of Detention in Amsterdam. She volunteered for 113online (Dutch suicide prevention) for two years and in 2008 she published a book about the suicide of her partner, in which she describes their life before and after his death. As of one of two guest lecturers at the Amsterdam Business School she spoke about „intuition and passion in entrepreneurship” in 2014. At the moment she is also a volunteer coach for highschool students in Amsterdam.

Liesbeth has over 30 years working experience in corporate businesses – including 10 years as a corporate lawyer – which is characterized by her practical and no-nonsense approach, with sensitivity and humor. She has been working as a spiritual adviser and spiritualist medium for over 15 years and does consultations, demonstrations, lectures and training regarding personal/spiritual development and mediumship in the Netherlands and abroad.

Her mission and passion is to raise awareness of self and to empower, inspire and help people move forward in their private and/or professional life.

More info: www.liesbethjusia.nl