Volledige naam: Pina Lazara

Over mij

Hi, my name is Pina Lazara.

I’m Dutch and Spanish, a born spiritual healer/spirit medium for emotional well being. Nothing makes me happier then supporting people during their healing journey. I left Amsterdam in January 1998 and finally started my life’s purpose there in a tiny village called Ballydehob somewhere in the wild west of Ireland next to the Atlantic Ocean. I’ve written a book about my journey how I became the spiritual healer I am today, and how you can commence the search for your own healer within. After having lived and worked in Ireland for 22 years, I’ve returned at the beginning of 2020 to live and work again in Holland. For more info about my work or to read testimonials please visit

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Love is the Essence of the Soul Chrysalis en Liefde is the Essentie van de Zielen Cocon zijn nu beide te koop in de geweldige Winkel van de Roos voor meer info over mijn boeks zie

Thanks Pina. The theme this year is emotional freedom.

Lieve Pina. Ik heb nog steeds veel aan de sessie. Je doet prachtig en belangrijk werk. KN
Pina is een heel fijn mens, pittig en zacht in één. Als healer weet ze je perfect aan te voelen. Ze gebruikt de energie van je lichaam, muziek en woorden om te helpen op een manier die bij jou past. Mij heeft ze ontzettend geholpen. Ik heb in 1 sessie meer kunnen loslaten dan dat ik ooit op een andere manier heb gedaan. KN

Dear Pina. I can still feel the benefits from the session. You’re doing beautiful and important work. KNPina is a very kind person, feisty and gentle all together in one. As a healer she connects with you perfectly. She uses your body energy, the music and your words to help you in the way that suits you. She’s helped me enormously. I have let go more with her in 1 session than I’ve ever done in any other way. KN.